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Prof. Dr. Daniel Munteanu

Daniel Munteanu is the Vice-Rector for Students and Liaison with the Economic and Socio-Cultural Community at Transilvania University of Brasov (UNITBV) from 2012 and Full Professor at Materials Science Department from 2008.

Topic: Innovative management strategies for cooperation between university and industry

education conference 2023

Like Vice-Rector, he supervises the activity of the Entrepreneurial Society of Students from the Transilvania University of Brasov (SAS-UNITBV) and of the three structures, Alumni, the Career Counseling and Guidance Center and the Economic Relations Office.

He obtained his Ph.D. in 2002 in collaboration with Rubig GmbH Austria and Delft University of Technology, Netherlands. He attended a postgraduate specialization in Foreign Trade and International Business in 2006 at World Trade Center Tokyo. He is Ph.D. coordinator in Materials Engineering from 2009 having 6 doctoral theses completed and another three in progress.

He coordinated 4 big national research grants (Grant Director), and member in other 13 national and international research projects;

Among of these he was the partner coordinator of the European project, RIA – Horizon 2020, (2016 – 2019) – DREAM (Driving up reliability and efficiency of additive manufacturing), the Director of the project (Bridge Grant – Knowledge Transfer to industry type) CALINDRUL – The optimization of the inductive hardening eco-technology, in the case of big-size ring bearings (2016 – 2018), partener  – the biggest industrial (German) company from Brasov – Schaeffler Romania.

Professor Daniel Munteanu is the present Chairman of the International Conference of Materials Science and Engineering – BRAMAT (2013, 2015, 2017, 2019, 2022), Brașov, Romania (;

He is also the Managing Guest Editor for different important journal such us: Applied Surface Science (Elsevier), Materials Today /Proceedings (Elsevier), Materials (MDPI), Applied Sciences (MDPI), Journal of Materials Science (Springer) and Advanced Materials Research (Trans Tech Publication);

Starting with 2011 he is member of National Council for Certifying Academic Degrees and Diplomas, Materials Science and Engineering Commission – Ministry of Education.

education conference 2023
Dr. Ijaz Ahmad

Ijaz Ahmad Tatlah is Associate Professor of Education from University of Education , Lahore , Pakistan. He is heading the department of educational leadership and policy studies and his area of specialization is educational leadership and management. He has conducted multiple researches in this field. He has supervised a dozen doctoral studies. He is Life time Member International Society for Development and Sustainability (ISDS). He is on multiple scientific and review committees of multiple research Journals and international conferences.

education conference 2023
Dr. Dorotheos Orfanidis

Educator, conservation scientist, fine artist & adult educator. Born in 1980 in Thessaloniki. Postdoctoral researcher of the BSAS, University of Macedonia. His research interests concern New Technologies, software and their educational utilization in Visual Arts, Public History, Monuments, Culture and Conservation Science. Software developer and applications for culture and education (Lifetime, Formal & Non-Formal). Creator of the application for the monuments of Thessaloniki entitled “StrollingAroundThessaloniki”.

education conference 2023
Dr. Zahid Naz

Zahid Naz is Lecturer in Academic and Professional Education at Queen Mary, University of London. Prior to this he worked in Further Education in various teaching and management positions for 15 years. He has taught internationally on pre-service and in-service teacher training programmes and is also a Chief External Examiner on PGCE programme at University of Greenwich. His research interests concern Complexity, Foucauldian discourse analysis and discursive practices in post compulsory education.

education conference 2023
Prof.  Carol Klages

Carol Klages, Ph.D., Dyslexia Therapist is a full professor of curriculum studies (social studies and literacy) at the University of Houston-Victoria. Her research interests include literacy curriculum evaluation, and teacher candidate perceptions of teaching and learning. She has published over twnety referred articles in these academic areas.

education conference 2023
Dr. Tsan Ming Kenneth Chan 

Tsan Ming Kenneth Chan is a Principal Lecturer and Associate Head at the Department of Education Policy and Leadership, the Education University of Hong Kong. With 30 years of teaching experience with pre-service and in-service teachers, his primary research interests are middle leadership and Team Roles in school.

education conference 2023
Dr. Joana Fernandes

Joana Fernandes holds a PhD in Industrial and Systems Engineering (2010)
and. is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Business and Legal Sciences, School of Communication, Tourism and Public Administration, Polytechnic Institute of Bragança (IPB), since 1999.

education conference 2023
Dr. Özden Şengül

Ozden Sengul is an assistant professor on science education at the Bogazici University in Istanbul, Turkey. She completed her PhD on science education at the Georgia State University. Her research focuses on teaching physics/science through argumentation and epistemological beliefs.

education conference 2023
Dr. Nevenka Maras

Nevenka Maras is a full professor at the Faculty of Teacher Education, University of Zagreb in Croatia. Her primary scientific research is focused to quality of cooperation in the teaching profession, factors of teachers’ well-being, sports pedagogy and free time activities within the educational spectrum.

education conference 2023
Dr. Michael Subbey

Michael Subbey holds a PhD in Special Education from the University of Education, Winneba (UEW) Ghana. His thesis examined teacher attitudes, knowledge and beliefs about inclusive education. He is a Senior lecturer and Head of Early Childhood Education Department at UEW.

Dr. Nadia Ali

She served as a school teacher and then worked as a research associate as well as a professional Development specialist at USAID Teacher Education Project Pakistan. Now she is serving as a Lecturer at the University of Balochistan and hasbeen heading the department of Higher Education since 2015. She authored a number of research papers about education in the context of Balochistan that are published in National research journals of Pakistan as well as international research journals.

education conference 2023
Dr. Gautam Ullal

Gautam Ullal is a Professor in Neurology and Chair of Basic Medical Sciences at American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine, Sint Maarten. His areas of research interest are epilepsy and medical school pedagogy.

education conference 2023
Dr. Michael J. von Maltitz

Michael J. von Maltitz is a senior lecturer in the Department of Mathematical Statistics and Actuarial Science at the University of the Free State (UFS), South Africa. He obtained his PhD in Mathematical Statistics at the UFS in 2015 and has since split his research focus to include experimentation in learning and teaching in Mathematical Statistics.

Dr.Doaa Hamam

Doaa Hamam is a holder of a PhD. Degree in Education-TESOL from the British University in Dubai; she is currently a lecturer at the Higher Colleges of Technology, UAE. Her main research interests are teaching and learning in higher education, teaching with technology, academic writing, linguistics, and teacher education.

Kelly Fowler
Ms.Kelly Fowler

Kelly Fowler is a Certified Dyslexia Therapist and Qualified Instructor of Connections: OG in 3D. She is Director of Training and Outreach for The APPLE Group, Inc., in addition to her busy private practice in dyslexia therapy and testing. An expert in school-­based dyslexia therapy and whole class science-based reading instruction, Kelly works closely with school districts and universities who are working to implement science-based reading, and with parents as an advocate for dyslexia.

Lhoussine Qasserras
Mr. Lhoussine Qasserras

Lhoussine Qasserras has been teaching and training teachers for more than 16 years. He held two masters: MBA from Cardiff Metropolitan University in the Uk and MEd. From Rabat Mohammed V University in Morocco. Currently, he is completing his PhD on “quality education at the college of teachers”. His main areas of interests are: TESOL, teacher education, quality education, etc. Lhoussine is the owner of the American TESOL Academy in Morocco and the president of TESOL Morocco.

Alessandra Anna Maiorano
Ms.Alessandra Anna Maiorano

Alessandra Anna Maiorano is an educator and PhD student in the third year in Education in Contemporary Society at University of Milano-Bicocca for which she collaborates also as a tutor. She previously worked as an educator and in international cooperation projects in Cameroon and Senegal.

education conference 2023
Mr. Bhuwan Shankar Bhatt 

Bhuwan Shankar Bhatt is pursuing a Doctorate (Ph.D) at the International Christian University in Tokyo, Japan. His research focus is on inclusive education and diversity in higher education, with a specific emphasis on the inclusion of individuals with disabilities. He has also contributed as a co-author in a book titled “Doing Liberal Arts Education: The Global Case Studies.” Besides his academic pursuits, Mr. Bhatt also teaches English at Japanese public high schools. Currently, he is working on his Doctoral Dissertation, entitled “Experiences of Students with Disabilities in Nepalese Public Colleges.

education conference 2023
Mr.El Tayeb Ibrahim Himaida

El Tayeb is a Career Teacher, he was educated in the famous, Khartoum College of Technology, Sudan. After his graduation, he took up a teaching post in several institutes as English teacher.

He has contributed towards the education of many students, impacted knowledge and skills, and helped many students to achieve their dreams.

As an Educationist, Tayeb teaches various courses. He is currently an Instructor in New Vision Institutes in Alain UAE, where he   has been teaching students from various backgrounds, cultures and nationalities. Tayeb is also a Philanthropist.

education conference 2023
MSC. Yussel Salas Vazquez

He has MSC in International Development at the University of Birmingham Lecturer at Benemérito Instituto Normal del Estado, Puebla, México.

education conference 2023
Ms.Lubna Khalid

Lubna Khalid, working as director in SZABIST as one of the leading private universities of Pakistan.

PhD scholar from e Asia university Malaysia, possesses 28 years of work experience in teaching, training, management and administration related to teachers’ education and schools as an organization.

Has interest in travelling and exploring new ideas to improve educational outcomes in Pakistan.

Have done many projects in the field of educational rehabilitation to support provincial government in partners with UNICEF, Usaid and many other international organisations.

education conference 2023
Ms.Aruna Ullal

Aruna Ullal is an Academic Counselor and Lecturer at the American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine, Sint Maarten, Netherlands Antilles.  Aruna’s research interest and passion are in Medical Education, Student Empowerment, and Student Success.

education conference 2023
Mr. Borna Nemet

Borna Nemet is a doctoral student and teaching assistant and the Faculty of Teacher Education, University of Zagreb in Croatia. His area of interest includes early language acquisition, lifelong learning, communication skills, general pedagogy, and teaching methodology.

Maneerat Sa-ngiemjit
Ms. Maneerat Sa-ngiemjit

Maneerat Sa-ngiemjit is a Ph.D. candidate at the Institute of Education, University of the Balearic Islands, Majorca, Spain. She focuses on identifying learning styles and developing the students’ learning skills because learning is a lifelong process and a continuous and never-ending action.

Mary-Margaret Scholtens
Ms.Mary-Margaret Scholtens

Mary-Margaret Scholtens is the co-founder and Executive Director of The APPLE Group, Inc., which has provided training in effective reading instruction in the United States since 1997. She serves on the Advisory Board of the International Foundation for Effective Reading Instruction, focused on improving the reading outcomes of students by embedding systematic and scientific-based reading instruction throughout education systems. She is a highly experienced, well-known advocate for educating teachers in the science of reading and is the co-author of Connections: OG in 3D.

Randa Bou-Mehdi
Mrs. Randa Bou-Mehdi

Randa Bou-Mehdi is currently a Senior Instructor of Rhetoric and Composition at the American University of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates where she has been teaching academic writing courses for more than ten years. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (MA TESOL). Her research interests include academic integrity and the use of artificial intelligence tools for teaching and assessing writing.

Anutsara Suwanwong
Asst. Prof. Anutsara Suwanwong

Anutsara Suwanwong is Goodwill Ambassador of Finnish Education, Thai-Finnish Chamber of Commerce and Founder of Executive Education Enterprise (EEE).

Martins Zarins
MSC. Martins Zarins

Martins Zarins is a PhD student from Latvia at Kyushu University, Japan. Focuses research in psychological and educational changes within Japan and their possible applications in different countries.

Ms. Samia Almousa

Samia Almousa is a PhD student at the University of Leeds; a Lecturer at PNU; and a member of GOGN. Her research interests include Faculty OER Adoption, Technology Adoption, TEL, HEIs, Online Learning, e-Learning.

Elaine Aaltonen
Ms. Elaine Aaltonen

She has a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership and Management; a Specialization in Portuguese Language; a Bachelor’s in Pedagogy, and another one in Portuguese Language Arts. She has published academic articles in British journals. She has worked as a school leader for 21 years.

international conference on education
Dr. Nyet Moi Siew

Nyet Moi Siew is an associate professor at the Faculty of Psychology and Education, University Malaysia Sabah, Malaysia. Her primary research interests are in the area of scientific and mathematical creativity and thinking, and STEM Education.

international conference on education
Prof. Dr. Daniel Munteanu

Daniel Munteanu is a Professor dr. engineer and Vice-Rector for Students and the relation with the economic environment at Transilvania University of Brasov. His background is related to Materials Science and Engineering, being a Ph.D. coordinator in this field. He is the chirman of the International Conference of Materials Science and Engineering – BRAMAT ( He is author or co-author of more than 100 papers appeared in different ISI journals and coordinated different european or national research projects. As Vice-Rector, starting with 2012 he implemented a special management strategy involving the students in different administrative or continuous – improvement activities in the university campus. Moreover, he coordinates annually, the most important event of Transilvania University in the relationship of students with the economic environment, Graduates in front of companies.

international conference on education
Ms. Eiman Hassan Alshehhi

Eiman Hassan Alshehhi is an English kindergarten teacher in UAE.  She is currently a Mater degree student at the United Arab Emirates University. She is an author of children’s books and was a member of the Gifted Discovery Battery in the MOE.

international conference on education
Dr. Samuel K. Okunade

Samuel Kehinde Okunade is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Centre for the Advancement of Scholarship, University of Pretoria, South Africa. His research interest cut across different fields such as Security Studies, Borderlands, and Migration Studies, and Higher Education in Africa.

international conference on education
Prof.  Newman Wadesango

Newman is a prolific researcher. He has published a book on educational leadership, presented 50 conference papers and has published over 210 articles. He is the Chief Editor of African Perspectives of Research in Teaching and Learning Journal, Associate Editor of Journal of African Education and serves as Editorial Board Member of Journal of Educational Studies and Acta Universitatis Danubius.

international conference on education
MSC. Nevena Mitranić

Nevena Mitranić is a Teaching Assistant and PhD candidate at the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Pedagogy and Andragogy (Serbia). She is a junior researcher at the Institute of Pedagogy and Andragogy at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade. Her main field of interest is early childhood education, with the main research topic cultivating childs play in the curriculum.

international conference on education
MSC. Dragana Purešević

Dragana Purešević is a Teaching Assistant and Ph.D. candidate at the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Pedagogy and Andragogy (Serbia). She is a junior researcher at the Institute of Pedagogy and Andragogy at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade. Her main field of interest is early childhood education, whith main research topic participatory approach to the evaluation of program.

international conference on education
Ms. Meijie Bi

Meijie Bi is a Ph.D. candidate at VUB. She started working as a part-time teacher at a secondary school level since she was a bachelor. During the learning as a master student, she found her research interests was about how to improve teachers’ classroom teaching skills to meet students’ differences. Her current research project is Differentiated Instruction (DI) in Chinese Primary and Secondary schools, aiming to explore how Chinese teachers understand and implement DI in practices.

international conference on education
Ms. Kitti Vitez

Kitti Vitéz is an assistant lecturer at the University of Pécs, Hungary. She is a Ph.D. candidate in the „Education and Society” Doctoral School of Education. Her main research focus is related to the Inclusion of Higher Education and the Internationalization processess. She is interested in international students experiences during their stay abroad.

Dr. Thi Phuong Nguyen

Thi Phuong Lan Nguyen – Completed Doctor of Philosophy in Education from the University of Newcastle, Australia in 2019. She has been an experienced English language lecturer and researcher since 2001. She is also an author of papers regarding TESOL and EAL/D as well as curriculum development.

international conference on education
Dr. Liliya Terzieva

Terzieva  Liliya is a lecturer, researcher, and practitioner in the field of organizational behavior, leadership, andragogy, entrepreneurship, and strategic design in the context of tourism, leisure, and hospitality. Liliya being a Bulgarian Country Expert has substantial experience in international environment collaboration, being a member of diverse EU networks for project development and implementation as well as of the Global network of e-coaches and e-auditors certified by the British Chamber of Commerce and Industry. She holds a Ph.D. in the field of Economic and Organizational sciences of Leisure, Hospitality, and Tourism. Apart from the leisure and tourism background, Liliya holds a second Master degree in “Management of Adult Education”.

Dr. Krystle Ontong

Krystle Ontong is a Senior and Academic Development Lecturer in the Department of Construction Economics and Management (CEM), Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment at the University of Cape Town (South Africa). She has a background in Curriculum Development and her research interests are within the field of E-learning, Productive pedagogies and 4IR Education.

Dr. Emmanuel Deogratias

He is a mathematics lecturer at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics in Sokoine University of Agriculture, Tanzania.  He has more than 13 years of teaching experience working with pre-service mathematics teachers. My research interest is on mathematics education.

Dr. Benjamin Taylor

Benjamin Taylor is senior lecturer in primary education and early childhood studies at the University of East London, where he specialises in pedagogy, classroom management, and wider school life. His research focuses on children in care.

Dr. Jacqui Lottin

Jacqui Lottin, (PhD) is Chair of Education Programs, Education Faculty, Higher Colleges of Technology, UAE. Her research interests include inclusive education, competency based learning and initial teacher development. Her current research topic is ‘Reduce Academic Fatigue and Enhance Retention for the Determined Ones (TDOs) in Online Learning’. Jacqui was awarded “Best PD Manager’ in 2016. She is co-Chair of UNESCO Taskforce for Teachers for Education 2030 – Special Needs Education Expert Section.

Dr. Vu Quang

Quang Vu, Director of Institute for Educational Management HCMC. He completed his PhD from Vietnamese National University of Economics. His interest is education management, especially financial autonomy in education. He is an author of a series of papers regarding financial autonomy in Vietnamese public higher education.

Mr. Filbert Joseph A. Ubanos

Since 2017, Filbert has been studying at the Philippine Science High School – Main Campus under a STEM-based course. Throughout his stay, he has competed in multiple Math, Engineering, and Physics competitions. Currently, he is completing his Specialization Years Programs at the school with Physics as his core course and is planning to take up an engineering course in college.

Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Alkaabi

Ahmed Alkaabi is currently an assistant professor in the College of Education within the Foundations of Education Department at United Arab Emirates University. His research interests fall within the spectrum of school leadership, specifically in the areas of educational supervision, professional development, evaluation, data-driven decision-making, and school inspection.

Ms. Thitima Sriphon

She is a Ph.D. student in the department of business administration, Asia University, Taiwan. My research fields are leadership, organizational management, and sustainability.

Ms. Mireia Vendrell Morancho

Mireia Vendrell is a PhD student in the Department of Research and Psychology in Education at the Complutense University of Madrid (Spain). Her research focuses on psychometrics, the pedagogical use of digital environments, and educational actions (broadly defined) aimed at promoting critical and socially committed citizenship.

Ms. Khadija Alblooshi

Khadija Alblooshi, First year PhD student in the College of Education in UAE University. Works as senior executive in the Dean’s office in College of Medicine and Health Sciences at UAE University. An administrator in the Education field for 15 years, so she chose to pursue her graduate studies in Leadership in Education and Policy Studies. Interested in leadership studies and research.

Ms. Xinran Wang

Xinran Wang was born on Nov. 19, 1995 in Shandong Province, China. From 2014 to 2018, she studied Education Management and Finance at the University of Jinan and got her bachelor degree in June 2018. From 2020 to present, she is a Master student in Education Management at the University of Malaya.

Prof. Irene Monzonís-Carda

Irene Monzonís-Carda is a professor in the Department of Education and Specific Didactics at the Universitat Jaume I of Castellón (Spain). Currently, she is a grant-assisted pre-doctoral student conducting a Ph.D. about the factors that drive adolescents’ mental health and academic performance.

Prof. Ya-Chen Su

Ya-Chen Su is a professor in the Department of Applied English at Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology. Her specializations are EFL reflective teaching and textbook analysis.

Dr. Fotis Lazarinis

Fotis Lazarinis is a high school director and a part-time lecturer of information systems at the Hellenic Open University. He has published more than 50 papers in referred journals and conferences related to educational technology, information systems and innovative practices in education. He participates as a researcher and expert in Erasmus+ and other European projects.

Dr. Rumpa Roy

Rumpa Roy is the Director of Quality Assurance and Development Center at Gulf University, Bahrain. She has obtained her Ph.D. at Andhra University India in Economics. She has taught at different universities in India and Bahrain and possesses fellowship from UK Higher Education Academy. She has taught different courses namely Micro Economics, Macro Economics, Managerial Economics, Quantitative Mathematics, Business Statistics, Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management, Principles of Management, Operations Research etc.

Ms. Eiman Hassan Alshehhi

Eiman Hassan Alshehhi is an English kindergarten teacher in UAE.  She is currently a Mater degree student at the United Arab Emirates University. She is an author of children’s books and was a member of the Gifted Discovery Battery in the MOE. 

international conference on education
Prof. Dr. Edita Slunjski

Edita Slunjski is a professor at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb, Croatia.
She is the head of the postgraduate doctoral (PhD) studies in pedagogy at the Department of Pedagogy and the president of the Croatian Pedagogical Society.
She is the author of about one hundred scientific and professional papers and 25 books.

international conference on education
Prof. Dr. Yu-Chen Wei

Yu-Chen Wei is Professor, Department of Educational Management at National Taipei University of Education in Taiwan.
Ph.D. in business administration, National Chengchi University, Taiwan, 2006 and her research interests focus on human capital accumulation, career management, and the benefits of corporate social responsibility. Yu-Chen Wei is Professor, Department of Educational Management at National Taipei University of Education in Taiwan. Ph.D. in business administration, National Chengchi University, Taiwan, 2006 and her research interests focus on human capital accumulation, career management, and the benefits of corporate social responsibility.

international conference on education
Dr. Abdolrasoul Habibipour

Abdolrasoul Habibipour (Ph.D.) is a postdoctoral researcher in Information Systems at Luleå University of Technology in Sweden and is Managing director of Botnia Living Lab, Sweden. Abdolrasoul has experience teaching and supervising students at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels and has published several journal and conference articles in his research topic. He also serves as a reviewer in different international conferences and scientific journals within the information systems field. Abdolrasoul has been involved in different international innovation and research projects such as Privacy Flag, USEMP and U4IoT projects and is currently working on UNaLab and LiLaCC projects, all of which are financed by the European Commission.

international conference on education
Dr. Anna Maria Costa Arnau

Dr. Anna M Costa graduated in Chemistry (1993) from Universitat de Barcelona (UB) where she also earned her Ph. D. under the guidance of Prof. J. Vilarrasa (1999). After a post-doctoral stay in the laboratories of Prof. Patrick J. Walsh at the University of Pennsylvania (2000-2001), she returned to Universitat de Barcelona where she became Associate Professor in 2007. Her research activity focuses on the total syntheses of cytotoxic natural products and the study of organocatalytic reactions. She is also involved in the development of new strategies to improve learning in the Chemistry Degree at UB.

international conference on education
Mrs. Núria Escaja Sánchez

Núria Escaja Sánchez is graduated in Chemistry from the University of Barcelona (1994), where she also completed the Graduate Thesis (1996) and the PhD (1999). She is associate professor at the University of Barcelona since 2010.

international conference on education
Ms. Xiaohan Chen 

Xiaohan Chen, graduated from the University of Sydney, majoring in educational psychology. Now works for a multinational advertising company in Sydney, responsible for curriculum development and marketing in the Asia-Pacific region.

international conference on education
Ms. Mariana Kovacheva

She is PhD student at the Faculty of Applied Informatics and Statistics at the University of National and World Economy in Sofia, Bulgaria. She’s participating in the 4th International Academic Conference on Education in Barcelona as part of the Project “Digitalization of The Learning Process in Higher Education – Identification and Management Model, financed by the Bulgarian National Science Fund.

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